Extreme ski
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Weisshorn East Face, Grand Combin North Flank, Barre des Ecrins North Flank, Weissmies North Flank, Monviso North Face (Coolidge Channel), Alphubel, Allalinhorn, Rimpfitschhorn, Similaun North Face, Sorapiss North Face (Comici Channel), Cristallo North Face (Innerkofler Channel), Antelao North Face (Menini Channel), Sassolungo North Face Channel, Cunturines Southwest Channel, Sextner Elferspitze North Face Channel, Cima dei Bureloni North Face Channel, Cima Tosa North Face Channel and many channels on the Sella Group, the Sassolungo Group, the Rosengarten and the Puez-Odle Group as well.


Val Gardena